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Purpose Of Make-Up

Purpose Of Make-Up

Good day everyone, I am back to submit more data on make-up. Have been busy lately therefore not submitting any info Discount Makeup currently but I am going to try my easiest to submit extra information on make-up and skincare on my article.

Alright today I shall share with you the Purposes of make-up & Cosmetics used in make-up.

The aim of making use of make-up is to reinforce the great thing about the face by bringing out good features and hiding poor ones. Make-up application is an art. It requires follow and a elementary knowledge of ;

· The construction of the face

· The action of colors and their relationships to at least one one other

· The rules of optical illusions


1. Basis - Used as a base for the make-up and as a concealer and excessivelighter. It's available in cream, liquid, semi-solid, cake and stick form.

2. Face Powder - Used to help the make-up to set. It also gives the face a dull, matte finish. This beauty is available within the type of a really high quality powder or compressed cake. The powdered type is ideal for professional make-up. The compressed powder is normally available in compacts.

3. Eye shadow - Used to add colour to the eye. It is available in cream, liquid powder, and crayon form.

4. Eyebrow color - Used to draw in nice traces within the eyebrow area. Eyebrow color is available in pencil and compressed powder form. Compressed powder is applied with a small brush.

5. Mascara - Used so as to add colour to the eyelashes. It's available in cake, cream and liquid form. The cake and cream types are utilized with a brush. Liquid mascara comes in a tube.

6. Rouge or blusher - Used to present the cheeks a comfortable, heat glow. Rouges are available cream, dry, liquid and brush-on form.

7. Lipstick & Lip gloss - Used on lips. Lip colour is available in stick and cream form. Lip-liner pencils are used to outline the lips.